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Day 28 Napowrimo

Updated: Apr 30

**Quick update! This poem was featured as one of the Day 28 poems highlighted. Very exciting!**

Of course, I wrote in response to today's prompt!!! I love writing sijos. It's one of my favorite poetic forms. I find the whole form therapeutic. The rules and constraints help to condense a feeling. I often find myself using sijos that I wrote in the past as a way to write longer poems.

I wrote my sijo in response to a collage I created out of magazine clippings from a design journal called Wallpaper*. My completed collage is the picture in this post.

money is cared for.


If I don’t work, what value do I bring? My eyes have been trained

to shift to the next task before my hands complete the first.

This poem survives by ending before it offers closure.

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Ruth Morrisson
Ruth Morrisson
Apr 29

Nice! I was not familiar with the sijo until the NaPoWriMo prompt (I'm really fond of writing tanka, because the extra two lines give me just a little more room than haiku).

Apr 29
Replying to

Thanks Ruth! Yes, I also like tanka, but Sijo holds a special place in my heart.

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